I have some more questions - whom shall I contact?

For questions about the publication process, please contact:

Karen Heckmann
Universitätsbibliothek der Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Universitätsallee 1
21335 Lüneburg
Phone: 04131.677-1130

Please visit our Website for further information.

How do I publish my work here?
If you wish to publish a document, please contact, Phone: 04131.677-1130.
What's metadata?

Metadata can be defined as

  • data describing one or more ressources or as
  • data associated with an object and describing it

Basically metadata is describing documents, objects or services and contains information about their content, structure or form. More abstractly metadata is a description of data or "data about data". Bibliographic data sets and catalog entries in library catalogs can be seen as a kind of metadata.

This repository is using metadata in the Dublin Core Metedata Element Set (short Dublin Core (DC)) which has fifteen basic elements. Dublin Core is the result of international efforts to reach a collective consensus in describing electronic objects (in the broadest sense). The Library of Congress (LoC), the Online Cataloging Library Center (OCLC) and several national libraries are dealing with Dublin Core in many projects and are close to introduce the system respectively.

In most cases this is no problem. Please ensure in any case, if your publisher allows a parallel publication! To do that you can use the SHERPA/ROMEO list.
Authors can choose which terms of use must be regarded for their publication. These terms are defined in a license. This repository supports different licenses, from which you can choose one (i.e. Creative Commons Licenses/).

Description of service

The Leuphana publication server offers all Leuphana members the organisational and technical framework to electronically publish scientific documents. As part of the University Library's service, scientific documents are provided online for teaching and research in line with quality standards. With this service, the University Library supports free access to scientific information as defined by Open Access. All documents made available on Leuphana publication server are open access.

The services offered for the publication of electronic documents on Leuphana publication server include storage, cataloguing and archiving of scientific documents published by members of Leuphana. This applies to entirely electronic publications as well as electronic versions of printed documents.

The electronic documents are assigned permanent addresses (URNs) and are made accessible through national and international library catalogues, search engines and other reference tools. The German National Library performs the digital preservation of doctoral and postdoctoral theses.

Rights and obligations of the contractual parties

By agreeing to the guidelines and signing the publication contract, the author grants the operator of the publication server licence for the following:

  • the permanent right to store electronically, especially in databases
  • the non-exclusive permanent right of use (Section 31 (2) German Copyright Act, UrhG) for the purpose of making the document available to the public in international data networks
  • the permanent right to convert the document for the purposes of digital preservation or visualisation while preserving the content (the document as originally archived is preserved)
  • the right to amend and/or complete the metadata provided by the author or editor where necessary
  • the right to give unlimited access to metadata and to make it usable
  • the right to disclose the document and the corresponding metadata to the German National Library as well as to document servers with the same aforementioned rights that fulfil geographical and technical requirements

The authors and editors shall bear all responsibility for the content of the documents. Leuphana shall assume no liability for the content of the provided publications and linked external sites. The author or editor shall guarantee that the document does not violate legal regulations, official decrees or the rights of any other third parties. The author or editor shall be obligated to determine and, where necessary, obtain the approval of any copyright or exploitation right holders. If the author or editor learns of the existence or development of legal barriers, they shall inform the University Library without delay.

Copyright remains with the author. The University Library is merely granted non-exclusive right of use. This means that publication on Leuphana publication server does not preclude further publication of the documents in journals or monographs as well as on other servers. According to the recommendations of the German Science Council regarding the provision of digital information by university libraries, all Leuphana researchers are advised to reserve the right to self-archive on Leuphana publication server when entering into publishing contracts and to additionally publish the documents they authored - possibly after a retention period - on the publication server.

The metadata of the documents published on the publication server may be stored and made available to third parties by anyone, if necessary in accumulated or selected form.

Already published documents shall not be deleted from the server. However, the University Library shall have the right to exclude published documents from publication if this would be in violation of third-party rights, provisions of these guidelines and/or the publication contract.

Technical aspects of the document server

The documents will be given permanent and individual Persistent Identifiers in the form of URN addresses which enable immediate access to the document.

The preferred presentation format is currently PDF (ideally PDF/A).

The electronic documents are retrievable in local, regional and national library catalogues via search engines and with OAI service providers ( e.g. OAIster). On the part of the document server bibliographic metadata and full text are already retrievable.

Organizational regulations

The content and technical aspects of the Leuphana publication server is operated by the Leuphana University Library.

Electronic publication is free of charge.

The document to be disseminated electronically can usually be sent by using

Additional work necessary to prepare the document ready for inclusion on the server or conversion into another format will be carried out by staff at the Leuphana University Library.

This document server is based on the repository software OPUS4 OPUS is documented here:
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